The best Tamales in Cancun: Restaurante Flor de Lis

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Eating on the beaches of Cancun is a unique experience due to the spectacular view, the soothing sound of birds and the tropical atmosphere, plus Mexican food is one of the most recognized and appreciated cuisines in the world.

Have you ever heard of the tamale, one of Mexico's traditional dishes? This food belongs to the Latin American cuisine, which apparently has an ancient history dating back to the pre-Hispanic indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica, specifically the Aztec, Mayan and Nahua peoples.

It is said that tamales were used as a 'portable' food for warriors and travellers, as they could be easily cooked and transported. They were also used in religious ceremonies and festivals as offerings to the gods.

The word "tamal" comes from the Nahuatl "tamalli", which means "wrapped". Today, tamales remain an important part of the culture and cuisine of many Latin American countries. Each region has its own variations of the recipe, but all share a rich history and culinary tradition.

If you want to try this dish, made in the traditional way as they used to make it, come and visit the Flor de Lis restaurant in Cancun, Mexico; located on Avenida Tulum, near the city centre. 

This restaurant is known for its Mexican cuisine and its family atmosphere, if you have a small companion, this can be an excellent option for children and adults to have a good time, as there is a special menu for children, which serves its food in a creative and dynamic way as they draw on the same food figures of planes, boats, cats, among other figures.

As for the adult menu, the Flor de Lis restaurant offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes, some of the most popular dishes are tamales, but they also have pambazos, enchiladas and chiles rellenos. In addition, the restaurant has a selection of desserts such as flan, fried plantains, corn bread, among others, to complement the meal.

So in conclusion, in this restaurant you will find one of the oldest dishes in Mexico and one of the most recognized delicacies in the world, which is an important part of Mexican culture and identity.