Spend Christmas in Cancun or Tulum?

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Christmas on the beaches of Mexico

If you are thinking of traveling to either of these two tourist destinations, we want to tell you that you will spend unforgettable moments with your loved ones, whether in Cancun or Tulum. But it all depends on the magic you are looking for your trip. So, here we give you the first Christmas tip to have an extraordinary time: choose the "lodging" of your dreams.

Since December and January are high seasons, we recommend you to plan ahead to avoid stressful moments looking for places that won't meet all your needs. You will find a great number of incredible hotels, from the most luxurious to the most rustic and simple.

However, our suggestion for this special date is that you stay in one that takes care of everything, that has banquet service for dinner, a nightclub or dance floor inside and preferably make sure that it will have a special event for that date; or if you have small companions you could choose one that has a special entertainment area for them to have fun. And to top it all off, we recommend that you consider a beachfront accommodation. 

Most of Tulum's beaches offer a paradisiacal landscape, excellent for those who want to relax in style with family and friends.

Some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Tulum are: Playa Paraiso and Playa Santa Feor if you are inclined towards Cancun, Playa Caracol, Playa Delfines and Playa Tortugas are good options, since it is an area full of hotels, tours and activities, where you will surely find something ideal for you, from touring Chichen Itza, diving into a cenote with the help of a zip line or exploring a cenote while swimming with turtles

We are sure that any of these options will be unforgettable for you.