The best Chiles en Nogada in Cancun: Flor de Lis Restaurant

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Typical Mexican food in Cancun.

The history of Chiles en Nogada dates back to 1821, during the Mexican Independence. Legend has it that in the city of Puebla, a group of nuns from the convent of Santa Monica wanted to prepare a dish to entertain General Agustin de Iturbide, who had led the independence army.

Thus, the nuns of this convent decided to create a dish that would symbolise the Mexican flag, and that is how the recipe for chiles en nogada came about. Using seasonal ingredients such as pomegranate and walnuts, the nuns created a dish in the colours of the Mexican flag: green, white and red.

The name "en nogada" comes from the sauce used to coat the chillies, which is made from walnuts. The dish became a hit and quickly became popular in Puebla and other regions of Mexico.

Today, chiles en nogada are a highly appreciated dish in Mexican gastronomy.  The original recipe has remained virtually unchanged over the years and is considered a true gem of Mexican cuisine.

Traditionally, chiles en nogada is a dish served during the month of September in Mexico, as it is related to the Mexican Independence Day celebrations. Flor de Lis restaurant has this dish available from August 9th to September 30th, and chiles stuffed with gouda cheese, beef or chicken are available all year round. Here you can also try the famous champurrado, atole, and Mexican beers.

Very important! The restaurant has a family atmosphere, here diners with younger companions will be delighted by the children's menu and entertainment area, so both young and old can relax and enjoy their visit.