5 contemporary cocktails with a flavor of Mexico

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Mexican mixology

We know that tequila or mezcal can be for sale almost everywhere in the world, but what about the cocktails made with these spirits, which also contain pure Mexican ingredients? Here we leave you a list of 5 contemporary cocktails, created by bartenders to pamper the diners of the best restaurants and bars in Quintana Roo.

In Cancun, at the Rosa Negra restaurant, you can taste this cocktail called “Catrina”, which you might not even have imagined in your dreams, since it is made with mezcal, tonic water, guava compote, tepache syrup and cinnamon; These ingredients in their perfect balance provide our palates with an unbeatable experience! 

Also in Las hijas de la tostada, this restaurant located in Cancún, a cocktail called “Spicy Tamarind” which has the perfect mixture of mezcal, orange and chili and tamarind liqueur. Imagination does not help, you simply have to taste it to know it! 

At Confessions Jungle Bar & Tapas there is a cocktail called "Petronia", which Contains Reposado tequila, poblano pepper liqueur, guava puree with basil and pineapple juice with a hint of lime. Would you believe that it tastes sweet or that it is spicy? 

Now, if what you are looking for is something more fruity and effervescent: in Tora you can order a drink called “mezcalina citrus” in which the unique flavor of mezcal is perfectly mixed, a touch of bitter herbal, orange marmalade with spices and tangerine mineral water made on site. If this is the flavor you were looking for, you just have to book here to satisfy your thirst.

And finally, you have to try this drink at the Funky Geisha Tulum restaurant, where they created a cocktail which they named "utopia" and has inside it the perfect balance of tequila, absinthe, spice syrup, pineapple juice, honey and lemon. Definitely, the touch of sweet, intense and spicy flavor that only your palate will be able to distinguish and fall in love with at the first sip.