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Have you ever returned from a vacation that leaves you exhausted?  Those that, when you get home, leave you feeling like you need a vacation after that vacation. Now we will tell you about the ideal type of tourism to remedy that.

Tourism began to change for many years; we went from looking for luxury and exclusive hotels to feeling that something else was missing and finally we found it: health and wellness tourism. The variety of activities within this type of tourism is wide and for different tastes, but the motivation to do so is usually the same: find or maintain a balance between physical and emotional health.

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The Global Wellness Summit declared Mexico the leader of this trend in Latin America, thanks to its geographic location, climate, biodiversity and culture. This type of tourism in Mexico is valued at more than 10.5 billion dollars.
The Riviera Maya, of course, is located among the most visited places by tourists seeking this type of experience.

Susie Ellis, CEO of the Global Wellness Institute, spoke about the trends of these trips:

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First she mentions the coexistence with nature, especially the sea, forests and jungles, which you can find in Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Holbox and Puerto Juárez.

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Later Ellis mentions spas, which are improving their proposals every time: before they offered some massages and facials, but now some introduce Ayurveda, hydrotherapy circuits, pre-Hispanic healing techniques, essential oils, temazcales, yoga and many more options. The great advantage of the spas in the Riviera Maya is that they connect you with nature by being located in fantastic places facing the sea or inside the jungle. These spectacular spas are the perfect communion between purification, relaxation, rest and beauty.

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And of course, the activities, which not only have to be extreme and full of adrenaline; there is always the option of touring your destination by bike, hiking in the jungle or in the mountains. It is not about doing something that is too physically demanding, but that you live it like another local.

To this must be added that sustainable hotels have begun to gain popularity, teaching us to change our consumption habits, take care of natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint, know that we are getting to know the world but with respect and without damaging it.

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