Top instagrammable places in Tulum

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We know that Tulum is an incredible place with a lot to offer: magnificent ruins, beautiful hotels, several cenotes and a very interesting history that you can read here.
And of course when we go on vacation we want to take a thousand photos to remember our experiences, but now with social network we love to share incredible photos in places that will leave anyone speechless, so we cannot miss the opportunity to travel and share images that will arouse the envy of all.
In My Guide we made the best & ultimate list with the places where you have to take photos (and get to know these places):

Credit: Azulik Tulum

1. Azulik Tulum

This hotel is in the jungle, which guarantees beautiful facilities that play with the nature. This establishment is lit exclusively with candles, creating a natural and relaxing environment. Here is also SFER IK Museion, the best contemporary art gallery in Tulum and one that is genuinely recommended to visit. Get to know this fantastic place and, obviously, take some incredible photos.

Credit: La Valise Tulum

2. La Valise Tulum

Super exclusive and luxurious hotel that is also in the jungle, just one kilometer from the Sian Ka'an Biosphere. It only has 9 rooms with an amazing view of the sea. It is also full of hammocks and day beds that you can use throughout the hotel. And if you stay here, you should take the bed out to the balcony and sleep under the stars while the sound of the sea lulls you.

Credit: Matcha Mama

3. Matcha Mama

Do you want fresh and healthy food? You cannot miss this place. Are you vegetarian? We insist: you have to come here! You will find delicious açaí bowls, healthy breakfasts, delicious smoothies, bamboo straws so you don't feel guilty about the turtles and, obviously: super photogenic! Not only the beautiful place with pastel colors and swings, but also the food and its cool presentation.

Credit: Daniel Popper

4. Come Into the Light

Daniel Popper is a multidisciplinary artist recognized worldwide for his enormous sculptures and art installations, and in 2019 the sculpture Come Into the Light was installed outside of Ahau Tulum. with 10 meters of height, made with steel, wood, rope and vegetation. The piece symbolizes our deep connection with nature and ourselves. Do not miss the experience of seeing it one person and taking an impressive photo.

Credit: Taboo Tulum

5. Taboo Tulum

This is not only a restaurant, it is also a place where every corner seems to have been made for Instagram. With a view right in front of the beach, you can lie down in one of its super photogenic beds, swim in the pool, have a photo session on the swings of the bar or in the arches that are at the entrance. They also have great cocktails and the food is not only delicious: there are also vegetarian options. The entertainers make the experience hilarious and the atmosphere is incredible. Click here to book!

Do you like these options? Don't forget to go to these places on your next trip to Tulum!
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