History of mezcal and places to taste it in Quintana Roo

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Although there are many theories that seek to explain how mezcal was developed, one of the most widely accepted is that it was first distilled with the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico.

However, history also says that mezcal has a preparation very similar to that of pulque, its great difference lies in the fact that mezcal goes through a distillation process and pulque does not. This is how the connection is inevitably made that this beverage arises between both knowledges. This is how mezcal was born, with the attributes of the Mexican lands and with the technique first brought by the Arabs, brought to Mexico by the Spaniards.

The word mezcal has its origin in words of the Nahuatl language. Some argue that it derives from "mexcalli" which means "cooked maguey". However, it is important to mention that "maguey" is also a word of antillean origin and was used by the spaniards to refer to aloe or aloe vera, and they also named all plants similar to these that they found along the way.

Nowadays, there are several styles of mezcal, we invite you to taste the traditional flavor of Mexico with a white mezcal while watching the sea at Funky-geisha; or if you prefer a rested mezcal in a bohemian atmosphere, IT Tulum is for you; or if you are looking for an aged mezcal while watching a night show by the sea, Entre Fuegos is the one for you.