Top places to visit in Cancun with children

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In another blog we talked about activities to enjoy with children on your vacations in the Riviera Maya, but what if you only want to know about places in Cancun? Simple: in My Guide México we made you a specially curated list for that destination!
It is not easy to visit the entire Riviera Maya in a single trip and as we know that, we give you these recommendations:

Credit: Pirate Show Cancun Jolly Roger

1. Jolly Roger Pirate Show

What child would not love to see an epic battle between pirates? They will fight with swords, cannons explode, there will be pyrotechnics, they will do fantastic stunts and comedy. This interactive show takes place in a replica of the caravel Santa María. The experience will not only be incredible for the children; adults will also have fun with the show, the open bar and the delicious dinner (they offer lobster!). And for the little ones they have the super pirate menu!

Mirror Maze
Credit: Xenses Park

2. Xenses Park

This incredible park is made to be enjoyed by all members of the family. There are more than 15 activities where with the senses you will discover different ecosystems. There is an underground labyrinth, a xítrico garden (as they call it), a path of dwarfs and giants, a zip line and many visual games and optical illusions. No one can have a bad time here!

Credit: Ventura Park

3. Ventura Park

This amusement park will not disappoint anyone. It has 7 "worlds" where you will find different attractions such as water activities, zip lines, go-karts, virtual reality games, swimming with dolphins and many more fun! Food and drinks are included, even snacks if suddenly you just want something small and quick. Guaranteed fun!

Credit: Dolphinarius

4. Dolphinaris

As the name suggests, this is a dolphinarium where people of any age can experience swimming with dolphins. The coaches are patient and if children get scared, they take the time little by little to introduce them to the activities with the beautiful animals and they will never pressure your children to rush to get the next child. Here they let you spend a long time with the dolphins, unlike other places. You can even book a private hour with a trainer and two dolphins!

Credit: All Ritmo

5. All Ritmo Water Park

This place is also a hotel, but it doesn't matter if you are staying elsewhere: this park welcomes you with open doors. There are many pools with special areas for children that include jacuzzis, children's club where they offer activities such as gastronomy, crafts, soccer, surfing in the pool, trivia, theater shows, magician, a game room... it is impossible for a child to get bored here! In addition, the people who work there are trained to make sure that children are never at risk as well as being very friendly.

In Cancun you will find plenty of activities to do as a family! So now you just need to visit our Hotels section and choose the best one to go with the whole family, our Restaurants section to see where there will be the ideal menu as well as Experiences if you want even more options. Enjoy Cancun with the family!