The Riviera Maya with children? It will be hilarious!

Adventure Editorial Family Fun Inspiration
We know that traveling with children can be difficult: they get bored easily, all they want to do is swim in the hotel pool (and we understand them: it is incredible!) And many times we feel that we do not take advantage of the trip and do not explore everything that there was to know.

Fortunately, the Riviera Maya has many activities that not only adults will enjoy!

Hamacuatizaje in Xplor
Credit: Xplor

If your children are more adventurous and like adrenaline, you can take them to Xplor Park. Here you will find two zip line circuits that have a slide and end in a fun water landing in a cenote! Afterwards everyone can get on an amphibious vehicle, where you will cross the Mayan jungle without worries since these cars are made to go on rocky roads and even in water. The views are amazing, and the car will jump a few times and we know that children love those emotions (well, adults too). They can also go swimming in a river between stalactites and stalagmites; the hotel pool will seem boring afterwards. And to close with a flourish, how about a hammock landing? This super fun experience is zip-lining in a hammock that also lands in a cenote, making it safe but very fun.

But hey: what if your children are not so extreme? We have more options: Akumal Monkey Sanctuary, which is a monkey sanctuary. The beauty of this place is that they do not have the animals in cages, but you see them in their natural habitat (you don't have to worry: no monkey will come to attack you). Here the guides will tell you about the 40 animals that inhabit this place and even interact with some of them. This tour is for children of any age and is a great experience to connect with nature.

On Isla Mujeres there is another sanctuary but one for sea turtles: Tortugas Granja. Kids will get to see these majestic animals as well as seahorses (and we all love seahorses), stingrays, and tropical fish.

Path of Dwarfs and Giants
Credit: Xenses Park

And if you want something super fun, in Playa del Carmen there is Xenses Park: here is a path of dwarfs and giants, where at some point you will be the dwarf and others the giant because of the size they are taking the little houses of the tour. Then they will take the Route of Feeling, where in total darkness they will discover different ecosystems that are set with flora and fauna sounds. There is also the Labyrinth of Underground Arteries, where there are waterfalls, fish, macaws and flamingos. They also have several fantastic settings, where they will find visual games, optical illusions, a Lodorama (yes: prepare a change of clothes), mirror mazes and many more activities.

The activities for children and adults in the Riviera Maya are endless, so go pack your bags and plan your trip! Check out our hotels, restaurants and activities section to book everything you want to do.