Top 5: best cheap (or free) things to do in Cancun

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When traveling, without realizing it, we start spending more money than expected: the cost of tickets to attractions, food, transportation, souvenirs and so the list becomes endless.
But in My Guide Mexico we have this list for you where you will know what activities will make your wallet stop suffering and without missing the opportunity to do and know the essentials in Cancun.

Playa Delfines, Mexico

1. Playa Delfines

Many public beaches are usually so crowded that it is impossible to throw a towel to lie down to sunbathe, but at Playa Delfines you will never have that problem. It is also kept free of garbage and the sea is not full of algae that leave that horrible feeling on the feet. And if you go by car, parking is also free; what more can you ask?

Mural in downtown Cancun
Credit: Gonzalo Areuz

2. Murals in downtown Cancun

Surely you can find murals in various parts of Cancun, including the hotel zone, but if you want to take a walk where you can see a greater concentration of these and snap many photos, the downtown is the ideal place. These murals have been financed by both hotels and the government, since time as well as the lack of maintenance have left many areas of the city without the charm they once had, so thanks to these supports, artists have managed to give a new life to this area.

3. Kabah Urban Park

This park attracts runners and joggers thanks to the track it has, but even if you are not looking to exercise, it is worth visiting: it has native fauna such as spider monkeys, different species of birds, iguanas, coatis and even crocodiles (don't worry: you will not be exposed to a dangerous situation), there are playgrounds for children and areas for picnics, so if you want a place to walk quietly, see people with their pets and that is free, take a fly by here! It is also one of the most important lungs in Cancun.

El Rey Archaeological Zone
Credit: Government of Mexico

4. El Rey Archaeological Zone

In the hotel zone of Cancun you will find this small and little-known place, but don't be fooled: despite its size, it has more than 40 structures. It is easy and quick to visit, it costs less than 3 dollars and you can bring a bathing suit and then escape to a beach (Playa Delfines, for example!). The best of this site is that you do not have to travel for hours to see ruins, so if you are already in Cancun, do not miss the opportunity to take a walk around here and get to know this hidden treasure among the tourist bustle of the city.

5. Parque de las Palapas

This is one of the most important parks in Cancun and begins to come to life at dusk when stalls of clothing, jewelry and above all: food! You can find marquesitas, churros, ice cream, corn, tacos ... basically any delicious Mexican snack at a very low price. There is also live music and people dancing. Generally tourists don't visit this place, so you will live the experience of a local! We recommend arriving after 6:00 p.m. to enjoy it to the fullest.

How do these options look to you? No matter how much money you have to travel, there will always be options in Cancun! Now go to our Hotels, Restaurants and Experiences sections to finish planning your trip.