Mexico Tax

Foreign tax relief
An individual citizen can derive income from another country that is subject to tax in that country. The person can credit the international income tax paid on the Mexican income tax liability. However, the allowance is limited to the lesser of I the amount of foreign tax paid in respect of foreign-source revenue that is taxable in Mexico and (ii) the amount of Mexican tax that applies to that income. In addition, overseas taxes on wages that are excluded from Mexican taxation are not permitted to be credited.

Tax treaties
Tax treaties may decrease or abolish withholding tax on non-residents, and the terms of the treaty should be analyzed accordingly, depending on the country of residence of the person receiving income from Mexico.
Mexico has signed double taxation arrangements (DTAs) with the following countries:
Argentina Hong Kong Peru
Australia Hungary Philippines
Austria Iceland Poland
Bahrain India Portugal
Barbados Indonesia Qatar
Belgium Ireland, Republic of Romania
Brazil Israel Russia
Canada Italy Saudi Arabia
Chile Jamaica Singapore
China Japan Slovak Republic
Colombia Korea, Republic of South Africa
Costa Rica Kuwait Spain
Czech Republic Latvia Sweden
Denmark Lithuania Switzerland
Ecuador Luxembourg Turkey
Estonia Malta Ukraine
Finland Netherlands United Arab Emirates
France New Zealand United Kingdom
Germany Norway United States
Greece Panama Uruguay
Mexico has social security totalization arrangements in place with Canada and Spain. An agreement with the United States has been signed, but the consent process has not been completed.

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