Best time to visit Mexico

Climate of Mexico
Summer, from June to October, is, in theory, Mexico's rainy season, but how wet, it varies wildly from place to place. In the heart of the country, you can expect a heavy but short-lived downpour almost every afternoon; there is hardly any rain in the north, ever.

Chiapas is the wettest state, with many small roads washed out in autumn, and summer is stickily humid in the south and low-lying coastal areas.

Along the beaches, from September to mid-October, there's a hurricane season—you'll usually get wet conditions, turbulent seas, and mosquitoes, if not a tropical storm. Although the peak season is December through April in resorts, when the climate of Mexico is dry and balmy, mountain areas can get very cold.

Visiting Mexico in December — February
If you can have your booking months in advance and the high prices in the sky, Christmas is a big holiday. The Mexican festival remains distinct in many ways, with a much stronger religious element.

Carnival is one of the largest festivals in Mexico, and although the dates vary, it usually occurs in February or early March. Expect a dizzying combination of costumes, parades, food, and dance, most stunning in Veracruz and Mazatlán. San Miguel on Cozumel still celebrates the festival enthusiastically, even as the city of Mazatlán appears to have the third biggest Mardi Gras party in the country, after Rio and New Orleans.

Visiting Mexico in March-May
Around Easter, both small towns and big cities come to life as pilgrims flock to temples, and people re-enact the Passion of Christ. The most popular staging is in Iztapalapa, outside Mexico City, where the festival includes thousands of spectators, buckets of fake blood, and more than a million spectators.

May and June see some of the hottest weather in Mexico, with peak temperatures in most parts of the country.

Visiting Mexico in June-August
The rainy months in Mexico, particularly on the Pacific coast, are typically from June to August, although it will be drier in the north of the country. Accommodation rates begin to increase in tourist hot spots in July and August, as local and international vacationers go down.

The best month to visit Mexico
November is potentially the perfect time to come to Mexico, with the rain lifting, the landscapes lush and green, and the streets calm. The traditional tourist season is in late winter, and in major resorts like Acapulco and Cancún, the months from December to April are the busiest. Prices soar and hotels are reserved for weeks, if not months, in advance.