The perfect weekend in Cancun, to spend with friends

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Tips to enjoy a weekend at the beach with your friends.

Although we all love to go on vacation, do we know how to do it right? It turns out that travelers often don't make the most of their getaways, or are guided by advice from parents, grandparents or acquaintances who visited Cancun five years ago. The reality is that each experience should be planned individually and according to the needs of the participants, since it is not the same traveling with your children, for example, or with your partner, your in-laws or friends. 

Here are a series of recommendations that will help you a lot if you are traveling with friends to Cancun.

Rent a car in advance 
If you are going to spend the weekend, the ideal thing would be to arrive at the airport early in order to make the most of your stay. Then, rent a car together; ask for it to be delivered at the airport, you will see that moving around will be more comfortable and it will cost you almost the same per person than taking a cab. 

Make reservations in advance
In Cancun's hotel zone there is fun both day and night, that's why the advice of our local experts from around the world is: "Best Lodging here", where there are endless options such as beachfront hotels, hotels with beautiful bars inside (of which you will not want to leave, but fortunately arriving later to sleep will not be a risk), hotels with restaurants inside that have stunning views, etc.. Whichever hotel you choose, if it is within this "hotel zone" it will make your trip much easier.

Plan tours or excursions
Since Quintana Roo is very large and impossible to cover in a weekend, we recommend you to check the different tours that are close to where you are, and choose a few destinations among all of them to spend the afternoon.

Going out to party
Since you will most likely want to party on your first or second day in Cancun, our first recommendation is Confessions Jungle & Tapas Bar, as the nights are full of dance and seduction, the DJ will easily envelop you in his wild and eclectic atmosphere. Its menu of international tapas and mixology created with natural infusions will captivate your senses and make your visit an unforgettable experience. 

Experience the gastronomy of Mexico in an unforgettable place.
Although another recommendation is to stay one day all inclusive, that is, with food and beverages included, to avoid traveling and enjoy the hotel and the beach where you are, the other recommendation would also be to set aside the other days to go out and visit other gastronomic destinations.