LGBT tourism in Playa del Carmen

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For many years the LGBT community has chosen Puerto Vallarta as a favorite destination to travel. It is understandable because with a simple search on the internet you will find bars, hotels, restaurants and tours directed specifically for pink tourism, but what does the Riviera Maya offer?

Credit: Haritanita

It is not so easy to find places that specifically advertise receiving this community, but it is not due to a lack of supply: having many European tourists, businesses implicitly welcome any visitor with open doors; it is not necessary for them to advertise their target as gay friendly because for them that is understood.

The Riviera Maya is hospitable and friendly, especially Playa del Carmen, so we will make recommendations for this place, which is a more sophisticated alternative than Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. By having a younger tourism, any community will feel welcome.

Credit: nd3000

Mamita's Beach Club is especially popular with the LGBT tourist community, as the beach and club here have a great atmosphere. Playacar is the favorite beach of the local community, who want to get away from the crowd, as it is not a highly touristy place (but of course if you want to go, you will be welcome!).

Another option for a beach club is Coralina Beach Club, which since it opens its doors in the morning has a night party atmosphere, so you can dance and drink drinks since the sun rises.

Credit: master1305

Lately rooftop pools have gained a lot of popularity and if that interests you, we suggest you visit the 3B Hostel, with a more international and younger audience, especially on Sunday afternoons.
Purobeach is another great option, with electro-chill music and good food.
If you are looking for something more exclusive, the roof terrace of the Thompson Hotel will enchant you: the swimming pool and its view is majestic; the people who attend have greater purchasing power and the average age of their clientele is between 25 and 40.

There are no hotels specifically aimed at this community, but there are some that have become favorites among this community for having gay parties; Reina Roja Hotel, with modern decor and flashy lights, The Palm Hotel, with newer and super friendly service. And we cannot leave out the Artisan Hotel, which opened its doors recently and is undoubtedly the trendiest of all.

The Riviera Maya is a great destination, no matter what type of tourism you want to do, you will find it all. So check our Hotels, Restaurants and Experiences sections to see all the offer that you will find in this place that won't disappoint you and will make you feel at home.