Learn about Cancun's Mayan Legends

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Magical legends of Mexico

We know that Cancun is a place surrounded by magic and splendor for all the wonderful and incredible restaurants, hotels and outstanding places to travel in a mind-blowing way.

However, what surrounds it and makes it totally special from the rest of the world? In Cancun there are also legends that are part of the Mayan tradition of the area and that spread all the ancestral spirit of Mexico to all the people who visit it.

Therefore, here are two Mayan Legends of Cancun that will make you want to travel to this beautiful destination to learn more about them:

The Aluxes 

These are small mythological creatures of the Yucatan Peninsula, which are apparently invisible but can assume a physical form similar to that of the Mayans with their traditional clothing, but in miniature.

It is said that the aluxes protect many Mayan villages and areas that still exist to this day. Legend has it that if you build them a small house, they will guard your land for seven years. Many believe that they will help crops grow, call the rain and protect your land at night. 

Interested in meeting aluxes? They usually live in forests, caves, grottos or cenotes; in fact in the Mayan culture it was a tradition to ask permission to the aluxes, guardians of the jungle, to let them enter a cenote, have you already felt like seeing an aluxe?

The Mayan Hummingbird

The old Mayas tell that the Gods created all things on Earth and in doing so, each animal, each tree and each stone was given a job to do; however, when they had finished, they noticed that there was no one in charge of carrying their wishes and thoughts from one place to another. Therefore, after realizing that they no longer had mud or corn to make another animal, they took a jade stone and with it they carved a very small arrow, when it was ready, they blew on it and the small arrow flew away. It was no longer just a simple arrow, now it had life: the gods had created a hummingbird.

Its feathers were so fragile and light, they shone in the sun and reflected all colors. Then, men tried to catch this beautiful bird to adorn themselves with its feathers. Provoking the fury of the Gods when they saw them, they said that if anyone dared to catch a hummingbird, he would be punished.

So, according to legend, when a hummingbird appears before you, it is because it is carrying a message of love and affection from someone who is thinking of you, from this earth or from beyond.