Where to eat Yucatecan food in Valladolid

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Typical food of Valladolid.

Are you looking for places to eat traditional Yucatan food? For those who have already had the fortune to visit this spectacular state of Mexico, you won't let us lie that the gastronomy of Valladolid is one of the most irresistible and varied, and that in every bite you can find a combination of flavours and culinary techniques inherited from the Mayan culture and the Spanish cuisine.

One of our favourite restaurants for its location and its authentic Yucatecan dishes is Paladar de Cura, as it offers its diners a delicious experience, thanks to the fact that in its menu you will find the best culinary jewels of Mexico.

Here you can taste typical dishes such as cochinita pibil, papadzules, salbutes, chiles stuffed with meat or cheese, green or red enchiladas, and many other delicacies of Mexican and Yucatecan gastronomy. On the other hand, its Mexican cocktail bar is worthy of boasting, as its margaritas stand out for their authentic taste and history within the Mexican culture; you definitely can't leave without having tried one!

This typical food restaurant is located in front of the ex-convent of San Bernardino De Siena (which is a historical and cultural treasure). Upon entering you will be able to appreciate its design from the terrace, which keeps a renaissance and baroque style from the year 1552. Additionally, Paladar de Cura maintains a pleasant ambience inside, thanks to the fact that it is air-conditioned and decorated with elements representing the Mayan culture, which adds to the gastronomic experience a cultural and traditional touch worth visiting.