Gastronomic experience at Agustin Gusto

Family Fun Food & Drink

Pairing with Yucatecan dishes and wine in Valladolid.

One of our favorite kitchens is located in the heart of Valladolid, as today they continue to prepare recipes full of customs. We are talking about the restaurant Agustín Gusto that opens its doors in the land that gave birth to the dishes that are Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the colonial cuisine to which we owe the famous lomitos, cochinita pibil and panuchos. 

In Agustín Gusto we can see that they preserve and carry in their hearts the ancestral techniques to create diverse delicacies. Fall in love with the flavors of Valladolid and live the pairing experience that Agustín Gusto has prepared for you. 

Let yourself be enveloped by this trip to the past and experience the flavor of pairing Mexican wines and dishes, the experience is guided, you will learn about the characteristics of food and wine, as we will delve into all the details such as the aging of the grapes, wine making and will help you understand how to identify those fruity, dry, spicy and even woody notes that wines can have and what food you can accompany with them.

You will taste 5 dishes made with local and regional ingredients, as well as the pairing with different beverages and wines. This will be a guided experience about the origin and ingredients 100% from Valladolid.