From art to handicrafts: museums and galleries in the Riviera Maya

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In other travel articles we have told you about the infinity of things that the Riviera Maya has to offer: archaeological sites, cenotes, beaches, restaurants, spas, hotels, parks and many more activities, but we are not done! At My Guide México we also want to tell you about the artsy offer of the Riviera Maya, because we know that there are many interested in seeing the work of famous Mexican artists as well as meeting new local artists, their work and perhaps even buying.

Credit: SFER IK Museion

Let's start with SFER IK Museion, one of the best galleries you'll find in Tulum, inside the Azulik hotel. Here you will be invited to enter barefoot to interact with the concrete and vine floors. You'll find exhibits by world-renowned visual artists, where they are also offered art residencies from interdisciplinary projects culminating in new ways of experimenting and creating art. This gallery was opened by Peggy Guggenheim's great-grandson.

Credit: Gastón Charó Art Gallery

In Playa del Carmen you will find Gastón Charó Art Gallery, which was initially Charó's studio and later evolved into an exhibition space. Here you will find sculpture, painting, photography and jewelry by more than 40 national and international artists and you can buy the work of these creators.

Void, Jason Decaires Taylor
Credit: MUSA

We cannot forget the famous MUSA (Underwater Museum of Art): Cancun is a popular destination among people who enjoy diving, but for a long time this activity has damaged the coral reef, so it was decided create this alternative, where you will not only be able to see 500 submerged installations but also how nature is making this exhibition its own by letting flora and fauna cohabit without interruption.

Credit: Museo de Arte Popular Mexicano

And if you are looking for a place where you can see 100% Mexican artistic expressions, don't miss the Museo de Arte Popular Mexicano inside Xcaret. The interesting thing about this exhibition is that you will find representative crafts from all over the country, thus capturing the creativity, ingenuity and detailed work of Mexican master craftsmen.
Legend has it that each object in this collection belonged to a very important landowner and his love for the country made him collect these pieces to remember each place.

The Riviera Maya has a lot of cultural offerings, so this is just a taste of everything you can see; we invite you to see our Hotels, Restaurants and Experiences sections so that you know more options and can plan an unforgettable trip.