Baja California Sur

The perfect place to enjoy nature, adventure tourism, and water sports.

Baja California Sur is a tourist paradise, situated in the northwestern part of the country, with its incredible scenery with the Sea of Cortez in the backdrop, and the mild and friendly climate most of the year, making this state the perfect place to enjoy nature, adventure tourism, and water sports. This corner of Mexico has an exotic terrain that includes beaches, mountain ranges, deserts, and mines.

The State is on a small peninsula, which, because of the tectonic movement, broke out of the continent around 2 million years ago. The region is predominantly mountain ranges or mountains and coastal scenery. Parallel to the coastline, the mountains are built by volcanic ash. The largest mountain range is called Sierra de la Giganta and at 2080m above sea level, the highest point is Sierra de la Laguna.

Its capital city, La Paz, is surrounded by the desert and its streets enclose you in an aura of tranquility. If you're trying to rest, this is your place. On your tour you cannot skip the Anthropological Museum, stroll along its Malecón (Boardwalk) and, of course, visit its lovely beaches, such as El Tecolote, Caimancito, El Coromuel, Pichilingue, El Tesoro, La Ventana, and Bahía de Los Sueños, where you can go scuba diving, swimming, sailing or just enjoy a sunny day.

If you're trying to get away from the traffic and the bustle, you'll find a spot in Loreto where you can enjoy a peaceful stroll through the streets and admire the church of Nuestra Señora de Loreto. Keep in contact with nature in the Sierra la Giganta and find cave paintings that are a reminder of its first inhabitants. Loreto is suitable for whale watching between January and March.

One of the most visited and popular locations in Baja California Sur is undeniably Los Cabos, the most important holiday destination of Hollywood stars, surrounded by deserts, heavenly beaches, luxurious resorts, golf courses, a wide variety of entertainment and shopping options.

The peninsula is known for its fantastic seafood with such a large coastline, while the arid central areas still grow excellent animals for beef. Here is some food you might encounter:
  • Fish Tacos: Baja California originated. It consists of grilled or fried tuna, salt or cod, pico de gallo, savory cream or mayonnaise, eaten on a tortilla to eat with your hands.
  • Caesar Salad: According to folklore, in 1924 in Tijuana, Baja California, Italian-American restaurateur Caesar Cardini invented the salad. Cardini supposedly operated a restaurant in the tourist destination to draw Americans over the border disappointed by prohibition. The general opinion is that on the 4th of July of that year, Cardini had a lot of ingredients in his hand and served them as a salad to his friends.
  • Abalone: As a delicacy, abalone is fished off the Baja California Peninsula from a commercial perspective. Most of it is canned for domestic and export consumption, but locals love consuming it fresh, ceviche-style when they can.
  • Gallo Pinto: Originally from Nicaragua, this dish became popular in several countries close to the Caribbean, including Mexico. It contains minced beef with rice, potatoes, and other vegetables eaten as a spicy stew.
  • Machaca: Machaca is a stew style in which the spicy beef or donkey is dried as a conservation process. The jerky is then moved, cooked, and rehydrated to tender in spices and liquid. It is popular in northern Mexico with the flour tortillas, since it is similar to the USA and the supply of wheat flour than that of the maize species. There is a machaca dish of Machaca de Huevo in the north of the Baja.
  • Chimangos: These are crispy, donut-like wheat-flour-fries. It is better drunk warmly with cinnamon sugar and honey.

Baja California Sur is an outstanding holiday choice because of its many attractions and offerings for both tastes and budgets.