Wifi Access

Wi-Fi is common in Mexico—including some remote areas. We provide you with useful advice on locating and safely connecting to WiFi here.

If you're going to Mexico on holiday, staying for long stretches, or living here, WiFi hot spots are helpful because they provide high-quality internet access without eating in your mobile data portion.

WiFi spots are commonly accessible throughout Mexico, and you'll find them in some of the country's semi-rural areas. Some require an account or service, but all are free of charge to the general public.

Popular areas where you can find public WiFi connectivity in Mexico:

  • Airports: Mexico's airports provide public Internet connections over WiFi, but you may need an account for Telmex's high-speed Internet service known as 'Infinitum' or a U.S. airtime company for which Telmex has a roaming arrangement: there are many such providers, including AT&T and Boingo; consult with your airtime provider to see whether they have a deal with Telmex. Alternatively, you can buy an online access token from the Telmex site that is provided when you connect to the network.
  • Coffee shops and restaurants: some of the airport bars, cafes, and restaurants provide free WiFi to customers. Free WiFi is available in nearly any coffee shop and bistro across Mexico, whether it is an individual institution or a nationwide chain, such as Starbucks. Check the access code on the counter.
  • Mexico's Major Diner Chains: all of Mexico's key food chains offer free WiFi connections to their customers. Ask the waiting staff for information.
  • Public parks, squares, and museums: several municipalities throughout Mexico are now offering free public WiFi access in public parks and squares (especially the main square or zocalo of each city) as well as in other public buildings, including libraries and clinics. The level of service in these public spaces can also be hit-and-miss, and link rates can be sluggish when there are a lot of people around. Few museums also provide free WiFi for visitors. 
  • Hotels and Airbnb: Most hotels and all AirBnBs in Mexico provide WiFi connections for visitors. Some hotel chains charge an extra regular fee for access—check with the hotel you're staying at. Smaller independent hotels in Mexico, as well as Airbnb rooms and rooms, aim to provide WiFi connectivity, with a nightly room fee.
  • Satellite Internet: If you are located in a very remote area, satellite internet networks are still available, but they are more costly than landline and mobile internet services.

Here´s more information on a Free WiFi Map in Mexico for you to check out.