Mexico Festivals

Mexico is a country known for its cheerful and colorful spirit, always ready to offer the most wonderful parties and carnivals. It is said that there is a festival for each month of the year.

The legendary Day of the Dead is a famous celebration known around the world for its colorful flowery skull motifs and joyous ceremonies. This two-day holiday begins on November 1 with All Saints Day and ends on November 2, Mexicans take this opportunity to honor the dead in a very joyful way.

Mexico hosts numerous carnival celebrations each year with extravagant parades, dance performances, live music, and of course, big-time parties. The nine-day event in Veracruz, Mexico's largest carnival, usually begins in March, just around the same time as on the Pacific coast in Mazatlán.

Like everything else in sprawling Mexico City, the scale of the Mexico Festival is enormous. Around 50 venues are scattered throughout the capital, with national and international acts, including dance, music, theater, and opera. It is usually held in March or April in the historic center of the city.

Religious festivities are very typical in Mexico, with traditions rooted in its origins. At the beginning of February, the Candelaria is celebrated, a religious celebration that presents a glorious image of the Virgin floating down the river.