Getting Married in Mexico

Mexico is one of the favorite destinations to get married for foreigners, mainly from the United States, but there are also more and more those who arrive from Europe attracted by its impressive landscapes, its ideal climate, first-class gastronomy, and wedding service. without equal. Mexico has everything to offer the bride and groom and their guests for a reasonable price, being able to offer a luxurious wedding at a much lower price than in their country of origin.

In addition, its plurality of natural places allows you to enjoy different weddings for all tastes. One of the most sought-after destinations are weddings on the beaches of Cancun by the sea or with a dreamy sunset. The warm waters and the paradisiacal beaches are the majority in this country, some of them being the Cabos of Baja California as “Playa del Amor” or the famous “Arco”; or quieter and unspoiled sandy areas such as those of the Riviera Nayarit and the Riviera Maya. In Islas Mujeres you will find destinations such as Honeymoons and Honeymoon Trips, their names already tell us everything.

For something a little more traditional, Guadalajara is the place with a typical Mexican setting, however, the prize goes to the state of Guanajuato with its pinkish church in San Miguel de Allende known for dazzling couples upon arrival.

Acapulco was a famous destination in the 60s where Mexican national film stars and also from the United States used to go, today it has not lost its glamor and its rooms are prepared for a large number of guests and all the luxuries.