Best beaches in Mexico

If we talk about a perfect climate, delicious gastronomy, and spectacular beaches, we are without a doubt talking about Mexico. This country is known for being one of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers from around the world for its culture, traditions, and human warmth, but above all for its variety of beaches from the north to the south of Mexico.

Surrounded by lush nature, each coast has something special and unique to offer its visitors. Such is the case of the iconic beaches of the Caribbean Sea that are characterized by the turquoise blue of their waters and are ideal for swimming or diving, such as those of Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

However, due to their increasingly attractive recognition for tourists, they tend to be quite crowded on weekdays. One of the favorite places to enjoy a few quiet days are the Mujeres Islands (don't let their small size fool you), with natural reefs where you can snorkel, they are beaches with warm waters and white sands surrounded by tropical jungle.

Tulum never ceases to amaze tourists and its paradisiacal wonders have not earned it the appointment of Pueblo Mágico in Mexico for nothing. It is one of the most desired jewels of the Riviera Maya, with 10 kilometers of white sand and warm, transparent waters.

On the other hand, surfers and lovers of strong emotions make the beaches of the Pacific their favorite destination, such is the case of the beaches of Oaxaca. Puerto Escondido is a must-see if you visit this coast.
If you are looking for options with more moderate waves and more relaxing experiences, the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico such as those of Veracruz are the ideal option.
Cozumel is an island a short distance from Playa del Carmen and its great charm is underwater, where you can swim with more than 250 species of tropical fish! In Cabo San Lucas you can also do the most famous whale watching in the country, also out of season you can see the Arch, a beautiful stone structure to visit.