An important province in both the pre-conquest and Spanish colonial periods.

Morelos is a state in central Mexico, the capital of which is Cuernavaca. It is bordered to the west and the north by the State of Mexico and the Federal District, to the east and southeast by the State of Puebla, and to the south and southwest by the State of Guerrero.

The state is named after José María Morelos y Pavón, one of the pioneers of Mexico's independence wars. Morelos was also the birthplace of Emiliano Zapata, the rebel leader of the Mexican Revolution.

Morelos was an important province in both the pre-conquest and Spanish colonial periods. From around 650 to 900 CE, monumental structures were erected at Xochicalco, a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. In the early 1500s, several missions were set up on the slopes of Popocatépetl in what are now the states of Morelos and Puebla; in 1994, mission buildings were jointly given World Heritage status.

Morelos is situated at the southern end of Mesa Central, its relief interrupted by the volcanic mountains and drained by the river Amacuzac, the northern tributary of the river Balsas. The state is heavily inhabited and urbanized, with more than half of its population clustered in the capital city.

Manufacturing and services account for a significant part of the employment. The primary products include textiles, chemicals, processed sugar, and other food products. Nahua Indians are still engaged in subsistence farming, based on maize, wheat, fruit, and vegetables; sugar cane and rice are also cultivated. The rail and road networks are vast and the express highway connects Cuernavaca to Mexico City and the port of Acapulco in Guerrero.

In Morelos, the summers are long, sweltering, and muggy; the winters are brief, cold, and dry; and the weather is partially cloudy all year round. During the year, temperatures usually range from 6°C (44°F) to 36°C(98°F) and are rarely below 0°C (33°F) or above 40°C (104°F).

The best time of the year to visit Morelos for mild weather is from late March to late May and from late September to early November.