Baja California

It is known that its impressive landscapes have been the protagonists of a large number of film productions.

Baja California offers a multicultural panorama to its visitors, its border situation with the United States and California of the neighboring country created a true fusion of the most picturesque between the cosmopolitan and the traditional.
Walking the Wine Route
This state is located in the northwest region of the country and its capital is Mexicali. A dry climate prevails, with striking deserts worthy of a postcard. However, don't be fooled by this first impression. In some fertile mountain ranges such as Guadalupe and the Ojos Negros Valley, fertile valleys can be found that are ideal for growing vines and other fruits. For this reason, Baja California has the distinction of being the largest wine producer in the country (neither more nor less than 90% of Mexico's wine is produced here!).

Those tourists interested in viticulture can spend some time during their stay to visit the Wine Route in Ensenada and visit the famous wineries or take a walk outdoors through the vineyard fields.
The Mexican Hollywood

It is known that its impressive landscapes have been the protagonists of a large number of film productions and it is that the state really has a great variety of dazzling scenarios to offer. From valleys, deserts to paradisiacal beaches. If what you want is to enjoy a rest near the sea, you cannot miss the Rosarito Beaches, where there is also the possibility of practicing water sports such as diving, surfing, windsurfing, or paddleboarding. Not for nothing is it a residential paradise for American stars.
The best of two worlds

The state capital allows you to enjoy nature in the Guadalupe Canyon, among waterfalls, hot springs, and cave paintings. In addition, it is an important producer of craft beer. But the spotlight is monopolized by Tijuana, a city on the border with the United States, it is a good weekend getaway for its neighbors. With a wide cultural, gastronomic and artistic offer that combines the best of these two worlds, Tijuana stands out among all the cities of Baja California. Gastronomically, you cannot stop trying the Baja Med-style dishes that combine Mexican and Mediterranean styles.
Towards the port

Another important tourist center is in Ensenada, located in the Bahía de Todos Los Santos, stands out for being one of the most important fishing ports in the country. This place has several options to offer the tourist and provide a pleasant experience. Its cuisine and wine tasting are valued above all else, but it is also memorable for its beaches in summer and the possibility of whale watching during the winter season. Its warm temperatures make it a site conducive to the growth of varied flora and fauna, housing protected areas such as the Biosphere of the Island of Guadalupe and the Valley of the Cirios.

Baja California is a state with an important entertainment offer, unique flavors, and cultural diversity that stands out for its multifacetedness.