The exotic springs are not the only attraction, much less the most important, this state has much to offer its visitors.

Aguascalientes, is one of the 32 states that make up Mexico which owes its name to the hot springs found in the region. Its capital is the City of Aguascalientes, located in the municipality of the same name. However, the exotic springs are not the only attraction, much less the most important, this state has much to offer its visitors. From fairs, shopping centers, parks, and ecological reserves to towns that hide the magic of their origins, Aguascalientes is a must for every tourist.

The location is dominated by a semi-dry climate (also called dry steppe), this is characterized by the predominance of warm temperatures, with an annual average greater than 18 degrees, and a low rate of rainfall. In any case, rainfall is variable, prevailing during the months of June, July, and August, the latter two being periods of heavy hail.

In semi-dry climates such as Aguascalientes, the frequency of frosts is 20 to 40 days and corresponds to the period from November to February. For this reason, the ideal season to visit this state is from March to May, when the highest temperatures are recorded.

The fauna and flora of the place will surprise you with its landscapes, the main types of vegetation being grasslands and forests and, secondly, bushes (located in the flat areas and hills to the east of the state). Arriving at the southwest you can find a small portion of forests where you can enjoy a bike or horseback riding.

The state has three of the so-called "Magic towns" from the country: Calvillo, Royal Seats, and San José de Gracia. Being the municipality of Calvillo one of the most interesting places to visit for its important tourist attractions such as its historic center (Malpaso Dam, La Plazuela Hidalgo, and the Señor del Salitre Temple) and its ecotourism places for those who love nature. who want to do activities like mountain biking, hiking, or rappelling. While in San José de García it is found as an obligatory destination for its most important religious monument, the Cristo Roto (the third-largest religious statue in Mexico).

During the month of April the visitor will be able to enjoy the most important fair in Aguascalientes, the National Fair of San Marcos, considered the best fair in Mexico due to its national and international influx, exhibitions, bullfighting series, and for being the most important livestock exhibition. big of Mexico. It is an unmissable moment if you visit the place, without a doubt.

The agricultural areas cover almost half of the surface, therefore we can assure that their gastronomy is the most varied, being mandatory to try their delicious stews, "appetizers" such as flautas or enchiladas and for dessert you can enjoy some of the dishes that are made with guava, which is one of the main products of the area.

From spending quality time in its thermal baths, discovering its historic center with its beautiful cathedral in the Tuscan neoclassical style, enjoying the exhibitions, parks, and fountains of the Aguascalientes Museum, taking a walk through its streets, and admiring its colorful houses made of quarry. Even taking a tour of its vineyards and learning about the history of its farms. Aguascalientes has everything to offer a most pleasant stay in Mexico.